How to Be Smart About Smart Locks

How to Be Smart About Smart Locks

  • 5 Lock Troubleshooting Tips

    When your key sticks in the lock, calling a residential locksmith might be your first reaction. However, it is often possible to resolve the issue with household tools, saving yourself the call-out fee. Follow this troubleshooting guide before you call a locksmith. 1. Check You Have the Right Key  Before diving into technical solutions, it is always best to check for obvious mistakes such as trying to open the lock with a wrong key.

  • 4 Reasons to Install an Electronic Access Control System in Your Business

    In previous decades, the only way to secure a commercial property was to use a traditional lock and key. Today, there are superior alternatives for businesses to consider. If you have yet to be convinced of the benefits of an electronic access control system for your company, here are four compelling reasons that might persuade you to upgrade. 1. No Need to Change Locks When one of your employees loses their key to your commercial building, you not only have to deal with the hassle of supplying that individual with a new key.

  • Why Use Access Control in Your Aged Care Home?

    Your aged care home needs to provide a secure and safe environment for your residents. When you're installing or upgrading security systems, you should pay some extra attention to external and internal locks in the building. Access control systems that manage building entrances and some internal areas can make this easier. How can access control make your care home safer and more secure? Control Who Comes in If you have an access control lock on your entrance doors, then you have more control over who comes into your care home.

  • Considerations When Customising Your Doors' Pull Handles

    When it comes to residential architectural design, your focus may be on the aesthetic of the primary residence. However, this is not the only way that you can incorporate your style to your home. Another way that is gaining traction as a formidable fashion statement is the customisation of door pull handles. Although lock hardware was previously an afterthought in building design, more and more homeowners recognise the ways customised pull handles can subtly bolster the overall visual appeal of their house.

  • Building a Garden Home Office: Security Tips

    If you work from home but find it hard to work effectively in your house, you may have decided to buy a large garden shed and convert it into a home office. You've spent your time so far choosing the right shed design and size; you've also modified the shed to make it comfortable and work-ready. Before you move in, however, you need to think about the shed's security. Your new office is more vulnerable than your home, and you may need to take steps to make it a safe environment for your equipment, files and work gear.

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How to Be Smart About Smart Locks

I just thought my front door lock had to be strong. I didn’t know it could be smart. My old lock became so secure that it just plain fused into the locked position. Secure, but not convenient. When I knew I had to upgrade (unless I permanently wanted to use the back door), I was surprised to learn just how many different kinds of smart locks are on the market, and how they’re not as expensive as I thought. The locksmith quickly installed a new lock, one that allowed me to open it with my smartphone and even had a video intercom (fantastic for when I want to pretend I’m not at home). But there are so many different types of smart locks, with many different capabilities, so it was great to find all the information compiled on a single website so I could make an informed decision.