How to Be Smart About Smart Locks

How to Be Smart About Smart Locks

3 Great Benefits of Electronic Car Keys

by Lily Dixon

Every day you hear about new technology that is helping the world do one thing or another. From cell phones that work as security cameras to televisions that work like computers, these advances apply to almost everything, including your car keys. With said advances also come benefits for the users. Here are three great benefits of electronic car keys.

Enhanced Safety

While not new, electronic car keys are making many new advances. They are now designed with many different features that are a step towards enhanced safety for both you and your vehicle. Some of these features include electronic signals that must be in a specific range of your vehicle to work it. Another safety measure that electronic car keys afford you is the ability to quickly enter your car. With the push of a button, you can unlock the doors and, in some cases, start your car. This is especially important if you are travelling alone. You can easily enter your car and drive away if the need arises. Also, when you push the button to unlock your car doors, the action will activate your car's headlights, allowing you to see your vehicle as well as be seen by others, making your walk to your car safer.


Convenience is something that most people look for in everyday items. Your car keys are no different. With electronic car keys, you have the convenience of being able to unlock one door or all of the doors all without having to put a key in the keyhole of your door. Keyless entry locks make entering your car more convenient and less of a hassle. Just a push of a button and you are in. Push button car keys also allow you to do other things, like starting your car remotely and even opening the back hatch. This technology also allows you to find your car in a crowded lot. Push the button and the lights will turn on, or push another button and it will beep, signalling where you need to go.


Comfort is another benefit of electronic car keys. With the ability to start your vehicle remotely, you will be able to warm your car on a cold day or cool it on a hot one. When you enter your car, it will be at the perfect temperature for maximum comfort during your travels. Newer advances are making push-button car keys and keyless entry locks part of your phone. While you still push a button to achieve any action, soon it will all be done on your mobile phone.

While there are many other benefits to electronic car keys, these three make the top of the list. Safety, convenience and comfort are advantageous benefits of using electronic car keys for your vehicles.


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How to Be Smart About Smart Locks

I just thought my front door lock had to be strong. I didn’t know it could be smart. My old lock became so secure that it just plain fused into the locked position. Secure, but not convenient. When I knew I had to upgrade (unless I permanently wanted to use the back door), I was surprised to learn just how many different kinds of smart locks are on the market, and how they’re not as expensive as I thought. The locksmith quickly installed a new lock, one that allowed me to open it with my smartphone and even had a video intercom (fantastic for when I want to pretend I’m not at home). But there are so many different types of smart locks, with many different capabilities, so it was great to find all the information compiled on a single website so I could make an informed decision.