How to Be Smart About Smart Locks

How to Be Smart About Smart Locks

Considerations When Customising Your Doors' Pull Handles

by Lily Dixon

When it comes to residential architectural design, your focus may be on the aesthetic of the primary residence. However, this is not the only way that you can incorporate your style to your home. Another way that is gaining traction as a formidable fashion statement is the customisation of door pull handles. Although lock hardware was previously an afterthought in building design, more and more homeowners recognise the ways customised pull handles can subtly bolster the overall visual appeal of their house. And whether you are constructing a custom home or are only looking to replace your locks, you should consider custom pull handles. Here are the primary considerations you should have when customising your doors' pull handles. 

Consistent vs contrasting pull handle design

The first decision to make when deliberating on how best to customise your pull handles is whether you want them contrasting with your pre-existing aesthetic or if you want them to be consistent with your chosen design. For consistent pull handles, you need to establish the components in your house that you wish the pull handles to match. For instance, if timber accents characterise your home, then wood pull handles will be a good fit for the house. Alternatively, if you prefer contrasting pull handles, then you should consider what style you want for the hardware. A good example is a minimalist-themed home can work well with contrasting ornate pull handles that will add some elegance to your doors.

Weather-resistant pull handles

Another crucial consideration when customising your pull handles is how they will fare when exposed to the climatic conditions. Keep in mind that Australia's weather patterns can be extremely erratic, it is best always to pick out materials that have the innate capability to withstand an array of climatic changes. For example, while wrought iron is thought to be a top choice for ornamental pull handles, this material will degrade at an exponential rate when it is exposed to precipitation. A better option will be rust-resistant supplies such as stainless steel or aluminium, which you can then have powder coated to your preferred colour. Pro tip: you should always select materials that will be easy to maintain too.

Childproofed pull handles

If you have children or are contemplating starting a family soon, it is crucial to customise your pull handles to be childproof. Firstly, the positioning of the pull handles should be out of reach to toddlers. Secondly, you should consider selecting designs with curved edges, as these are smooth and will not pose the risk of injuring your kids.


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How to Be Smart About Smart Locks

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