How to Be Smart About Smart Locks

How to Be Smart About Smart Locks

4 Reasons to Install an Electronic Access Control System in Your Business

by Lily Dixon

In previous decades, the only way to secure a commercial property was to use a traditional lock and key. Today, there are superior alternatives for businesses to consider. If you have yet to be convinced of the benefits of an electronic access control system for your company, here are four compelling reasons that might persuade you to upgrade.

1. No Need to Change Locks

When one of your employees loses their key to your commercial building, you not only have to deal with the hassle of supplying that individual with a new key. You also face the problem of someone finding the key and using it to gain access to your property. To satisfy the requirements of your business insurance policy, you will almost certainly need to hire a commercial locksmith to replace the locks. You will then need to get new keys cut and distribute them among your workers.

Electronic access control systems give you a much easier way to deal with the problem of a lost key card. Instead of changing the lock, you can simply cancel the lost card so that it no longer works. You can then issue a new card to your employee and carry on with your business with the peace of mind of knowing that the building is secure.

2. No More Lost Keys

Not only are lost keys easier to deal with when you use an electronic access system, but they are also less likely to occur. Some access systems include GPS trackers in the key cards. That means you can always find out where keys are located when employees lose them.

3. No Unauthorized Copies

Employees can make copies of traditional keys simply by taking their key to a locksmith and asking for copies to be cut. This compromises the security of the company. In contrast, electronic access control cards are almost impossible to copy, so you never have to worry about unauthorized keys to your property.

4. Reduced Long-Term Costs

Although electronic security systems have an upfront installation cost, their long-term maintenance costs can be very low compared to traditional lock and key systems. There are no moving parts to jam, break off, or rust, which means you could end up spending less on emergency locksmiths. You also will not face the cost of calling out a locksmith to change the locks every time one of your keys is lost or stolen, as you can simply cancel the key card.

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How to Be Smart About Smart Locks

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