How to Be Smart About Smart Locks

How to Be Smart About Smart Locks

How To Vet Your Locksmith

by Lily Dixon

A locksmith is essential when you need lock repair services in your home or commercial building. The rule is vetting the professional beforehand to ensure they are the right fit for the job. So, what inquiries should you make before hiring the locksmith? This excerpt proposes some questions to help you vet your residential or commercial locksmith. 

Can You Conduct the Required Repairs?

It is absurd to presume that the locksmith conducts all kinds of repairs. Sometimes the professionals opt to specialise in specific types of repairs. Therefore, explain the issue and ask whether the locksmith can perform the repairs. For instance, you could have locked your car keys in the vehicle, lost your house keys, or damaged a door lock. Besides the locksmith's word, check their reviews on the internet to establish their competence. It helps enhance your confidence in the locksmith's services.  

Are You a Licenced Contractor and Accredited Locksmith?

Most people are not concerned with the locksmith's licencing. Nevertheless, it is a vital concern as you hire a professional. Typically, licenced contractors are compelled by the law and professional associations to prioritise the interests of their clients. For instance, the professional takes liability coverage to offer compensation if they accidentally damage your property as they repair your locks. For example, they could break a window pane as they repair your front door or damage your alarm as they attempt repairs. Sometimes, the lock repair or installation work could overwhelm one locksmith. For example, take a case where you need to install hundreds of locks in your commercial building. Licenced contractors can employ or subcontract other locksmiths. Moreover, they have workers compensation coverage to protect their employees and subcontractors at the site. 

Accreditation is a vital concern when your locks have a warranty. For example, your security alarm warranty could compel you to consult accredited locksmiths when it develops issues. If you engage inexperienced locksmiths, you could void the warranty. Typically, the accreditation process equips the locksmith with the training to diagnose and repair the lock. Besides, the locksmith has an easy time procuring repair components from the manufacturer.  

What are Your Repair Protocols? 

The locksmith must exhibit a high degree of professionalism when repairing your locks. Once they arrive at your home or commercial building, they should examine the problem at hand and explain the required repairs. At this stage, the locksmith should provide you with a quote to prevent pricing conflict once they install or repair the locks. The locksmith must also offer a warranty on the repairs.  

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How to Be Smart About Smart Locks

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