How to Be Smart About Smart Locks

How to Be Smart About Smart Locks

Is a master key system right for you?

by Lily Dixon

Have you ever found yourself in need of a locksmith? At some point in their life, most people will manage to lock themselves out of their house or their car at least once. It is often only at that point that their minds turn to a locksmith. It's true that having a local locksmith who you can call to get you off the pavement and into your home is vital, but a good locksmith will be able to do far more than that. A locksmith should be capable of assisting you in a variety of ways that you may have not even considered. If you run a business or any type of multi-occupancy premises, then a master key system could be invaluable, and a locksmith is the right person to create that system for you.

How does a master key system work?

There are multiple ways that a master key system can work and that is one of the advantages of the system, it can be customised to your specific needs. In simple terms, a master key system is designed to allow people different levels of access to a building. If you operate a building with multiple occupancies, then you may have tenants who need a key that can open both the front door of the building and their own internal front door, yet their key should not open anyone else's front door. As the building owner, you may want a key that can open any door in the building. A good locksmith should be able to create each of these keys to provide different levels of access to each individual. In a business environment, you may want each employee to have access to the front door and then to particular areas of the site but not to other areas. You could use a master key system to issue each person with a key that allows them limited access to just those parts of the site you want them to see.

Creating a unique solution

When you take the time to explain to the locksmith the solution that you want, they should be happy to develop a master key system that suits you. Don't forget to ask them how flexible the system is since you will want a master key system that can be modified in the future as your needs change, and that can grow as your business develops.

Reach out to a local locksmith that offers services like master key systems to learn more.


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How to Be Smart About Smart Locks

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