How to Be Smart About Smart Locks

How to Be Smart About Smart Locks

The Lament of the Lost Key: What Happens Next?

by Lily Dixon

To lose a key is both an inconvenience and a concern. Where did the key go? Who might have found it (or stolen it)? Sometimes lost things miraculously turn up (usually in the least obvious place you would have considered), but it's not as though you'll always feel comfortable waiting around on the off chance that your keys reappear. What's the best course of action when your keys have gone missing?

The Circumstances of the Loss

You need to consider your own specific set of circumstances, namely, just how the keys were lost. Sometimes a loss is a loss, and you might literally have no idea what happened to your keys. But of course, you might have a vague hunch where you left them, and while they might be lost now, they could rather easily turn up at some point. There is also the third, less happy option, in which you know (or at least suspect) that they were stolen. This latter one can be a bit jarring, knowing that someone has the means to get inside your home, even if they don't know where you live. Although, if the keys were just one of many stolen items—such as if the keys were part of the contents of a stolen handbag—meaning that your address might also be known, then this represents a clear and present danger to your family's safety, so an emergency locksmith should be contacted immediately.

Getting Help from a Locksmith

A prompt visit from a locksmith is going to put your mind at ease by speedily fixing the problem. The missing keys will instantly be rendered useless. The most appropriate solution depends on your needs and the nature of your door lock. What does this mean?

  1. The locksmith can simply replace the lock and give you a new key. It's a comprehensive solution, but it's also generally the most costly since you need to purchase an entirely new lock.
  2. Depending on the configuration of your lock, it could be rekeyed, which is when the lock is removed from its housing and dismantled. The pin tumbler is then changed before the lock is reassembled and replaced. This means that the old key will no longer be able to open the door, and a new key will be cut.

Maybe your keys will turn up after a meticulous search. But when they don't, it's crucial to make sure that your home's security isn't compromised.


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How to Be Smart About Smart Locks

I just thought my front door lock had to be strong. I didn’t know it could be smart. My old lock became so secure that it just plain fused into the locked position. Secure, but not convenient. When I knew I had to upgrade (unless I permanently wanted to use the back door), I was surprised to learn just how many different kinds of smart locks are on the market, and how they’re not as expensive as I thought. The locksmith quickly installed a new lock, one that allowed me to open it with my smartphone and even had a video intercom (fantastic for when I want to pretend I’m not at home). But there are so many different types of smart locks, with many different capabilities, so it was great to find all the information compiled on a single website so I could make an informed decision.