How to Be Smart About Smart Locks

How to Be Smart About Smart Locks

3 Ways Burglars may single out your home for an attack (and how to prevent them)

by Lily Dixon

Ensuring proper security in your home is a top concern. A good way of enhancing your home's security is by thinking like a burglar. Most burglars begin by singling out a specific home before they look for a way of breaking in. They may closely examine your locking systems and how easily they can enter the property without being seen.

By putting yourself in the shoes of a burglar, you can identify the weak spots in your home and secure them with the help of a locksmith. Here are three ways through which a burglar may single out your home before an attack.

1. Approaching the front door

Some burglars use witty techniques to identify weak spots in your home. They may pretend to pose as sales representatives or persons looking for directions. They're often well-dressed, and they attempt to impersonate other legitimate workers.

When approaching your front door, a burglar will carefully examine your door locks, frame and other locking mechanisms. Once they strategise how to enter your home, they'll proceed to plan for a break in when you're not around.

How to prevent it:

Make sure you confirm the identity of any unfamiliar persons before you open the door or invite them into your home. Ask for ID, the company they work with and other important information. In addition, ensure that any broken locks are fixed to prevent break-ins.

2. Social media

Social media has also become a popular resource for thieves. Many people post detailed information on social media, including addresses, pictures of their homes and information on their whereabouts.

Thieves may determine that you're vacationing in the beaches of Miami and thus may target your home for a break-in.

How to prevent it:

Be careful about what you share on social media and adjust your privacy settings as necessary. You should also equip an alarm in your home (or smart door locks) that can send you a notification in case of an attempted break-in.

3. Easy items they can carry and run off with

Burglars love portable items such as electronic devices. They can easily fit such items in a bag and run off with them after a break-in. If you're in the habit of leaving mobile phones, laptops and tablets out in the open, you may be attracting thieves to your home.

How to prevent it:

When not at home, keep your precious devices out of plain sight. A good idea is to lock them in a safe or a lockable cabinet. Make sure the locks are sturdy and not easily tampered with.


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How to Be Smart About Smart Locks

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